AYA in the media

Having our work publicized by competent media outlets is confirmation that we are on the right track. Check out some of our media appearances below.


Good knowledge is shared knowledge. To raise awareness about the need for decarbonization, we have made some of our reports available free of charge. Just click and fill in the short form to receive a download link in your e-mail. Enjoy the reading!

AYAOn Podcast

Patricia Ellen and Marina Bragante interview inspiring leaders and unveil decarbonization with practical examples. Each episode consists of thirty minutes of contact with innovative solutions that shape a better future for all.

Patricia Ellen e Marina Bragante:a busca por soluções colaborativas para uma economia de....

Cris Dios e Itamar Cechetto:Grupo Laces, um case de sucesso no mercado de....

Nicolas Touchet:lideranças rumo à economia verde global.

Paula Costa e Valter Ziantoni:paixão pela agricultura regenerativa cria o maior hub de....

Alexandre Allard:regeneração das cidades e reconexão com a natureza.

Glaucia Guarcello:tecnologias exponenciais e os novos modelos econômicos.