We connect companies, global organizations, and individuals committed to decarbonization, acting on three fronts:


Here, global companies and organizations are members of a community that enjoys an ecosystem of exchanges with others genuinely committed to the decarbonization journey. Check out the services you can benefit from below:

Content, Events & Advocacy

National and international agendas and events with experts and leaders in the new green economy, exclusive reports developed in conjunction with AYA partners, and advocacy in key global debates.

AYA Backbones Services

AYA Backbones are leading organizations in the transition to a green economy. They offer the best solutions to meet your company's specific challenges at every stage of the decarbonization journey.

Diagnosis & Mentoring

Initial analysis and in-depth recommendations on the company's current situation on the decarbonization journey, as well as support and referral to experts from the AYA network to accompany you on the net-zero journey.


A breath of fresh air in São Paulo's most dynamic area

Our physical space provides a unique experience of connecting and generating opportunities with leaders of green change. A place designed following sustainable construction benchmarks to receive clients, motivate business, develop content such as podcasts, network, hold, and participate in events.

AYA Institute

The AYA Institute mediates actions between the public, private, and social sectors to raise funds for high-impact projects and public policies that accelerate the decarbonization of the economy and act to protect native peoples in a sustainable and inclusive economic model. See some of our current projects:

Community management

Aimed exclusively at social organizations and indigenous peoples.

Fundraising and PMO

Support for projects aimed at decarbonizing the economy.

AYA Institute + Comerc Energia

Support for the Kayapós with solar energy and connectivity.

AYA Institute + Guerlain

Support for indigenous women's honey production.

AYA Institute + NINT

We competed with a climate finance hub for proposals for an ICS and Climate Arc call.

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