We are AYA Earth Partners

A gift from 2022 to the future

We live in a present that is as optimistic as it is urgent: Brazil has the chance, by 2030, to become the first major economy to achieve carbon neutrality, while boosting the economy by billions annually in GDP. We were born in 2022 from the shared dream of Patricia Ellen and Alexandre Allard to catapult this future, as the first and largest ecosystem dedicated to accelerating Brazil’s regenerative and zero-carbon economy.

Our starting point

Today’s Brazil is marked by stagnant economic and per capita growth, declining socio-economic indicators and inefficient use of resources. On the one hand, we have a major challenge: we need a structural change in the economy. On the other hand, we have a promising solution: our rich green assets, which allow us to integrate natural and financial resources in a harmonious way. Brazil has:

  • Clean energy matrices, with more than 75% of energy coming from renewable sources, mainly hydroelectric;
  • An immense standing forest, considered the treasure of the world’s bioeconomy;
  • 80 million hectares of degraded pastures that can be recovered for productive use;
  • Sustainable bioenergy and vast agricultural knowledge;
  • Low-carbon metals and mineral resources needed for the transition to zero carbon.

So, by 2030, Brazil could become the first major economy to achieve carbon neutrality and, at the same time, accelerate economic growth (we’re talking about almost 10 million jobs and an extra 100 to 150 billion dollars a year in GDP). AYA Earth Partners arose from the awareness that the challenge is urgent and complex, but has the potential to transform the world, starting with Brazil.

How we turn the impossible into the possible

We work in the private, public and social sectors, connecting companies, global organizations and people committed to the decarbonization journey. We offer mentoring, content and solutions based on different types of knowledge – ancestral, scientific, academic and technological. We extract the best from each world to benefit business, people and nature at the same time. The goal of decarbonizing Brazil may be bold, but it is possible. To optimize and simplify the path to it, we focus on five transitions:

Food and land use

Sustainable agricultural practices for healthy food and resource conservation.

Circular economy and materials

Efficient use of resources, recycling and waste reduction.

Forest regeneration and the bioeconomy

Forest protection, sustainable management and economic use of biodiversity.

Technology and artificial intelligence

Sustainable agricultural practices for healthy food and resource conservation.

Green financial structure

Both in terms of investments and practices.

Clean and renewable energy

Transition to sustainable energy sources and reduction of carbon emissions.

Urban planning and cities

Sustainable agricultural practices for healthy food and resource conservation.

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Where are we?

Our headquarters are in the heart of São Paulo, next to Avenida Paulista, inside the Matarazzo City. This is where the AYA Hub is located, where our members meet, important agendas are discussed, and events and trainings focused on the green economy take place.